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SonicBee is the Identity and Access management (IAM) company providing innovative and intelligent advisory- and managed services to make businesses faster, smarter and more secure.

The data access challenge

Today, data is increasingly fragmented and stored on-premise and in the cloud. Employees, devices, customers, suppliers and other external stakeholders need to access your data in different ways. There is a growing need for better interoperability. The proper- and secure arrangement of access to this data is therefore becoming more important, but also more complex. We were founded to help companies cope with these challenges and enable you to work more data driven.

Our mission

Empower organizations to create Interoperability for smart and secure collaboration 

Increase security

More than ever employees are working from home and remote locations, accessing many different cloud- and on-premise applications using different devices to connect.

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Enable interoperability

In a smart ecosystem all internal- and external stakeholders of an organization are optimally connected and able to exchange information digitally. An utopia? We don’t think so.

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Improve operations

Connecting people and data is no easy feat. Adding devices, machinery and robots to the equation can make things really complicated.

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The SonicBee Advisory Services

Why we can help you accelerate

We ensure that everything and everyone within your environment can access information and systems in a safe and smart way.

  • Innovative vision and solutions
  • Business approach
  • Top experts in IAM and IGA
  • Business, ICT, IAM, BI, IoT and Cyber Security knowledge


How user-friendly and secure is digital access arranged at your company?

We like to think along with you.

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