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The SonicBee business experts are specialized in finding pragmatic solutions for strategic IAM and IGA matters.

“The Key to Digital Identities”

The increasing importance of control, risk and compliance grows the awareness for the significance of Identity management and Access Management (IAM). However in many organizations IAM is unsuccessfully organized due to a lack of knowledge and resources. IAM is no IT proces, but woven into business operations. The SonicBee’s business advisors help you to create and exceed a strong fundament of access control. Supported company-wide, so that business ambititions can be realized.

IAM for business growth

Where the Cyber Security domain often focuses too one-sidedly on protecting the information environment, we look at the possibilities that good regulation of digital identities can offer, in order to respond to business opportunities. Naturally, we ensure that security as indispensable hygiene factor is perfectly organized.

What you can achieve with us:

  • Determine your opportunities and plan of action for IAM
  • Select the best IAM partners, specifically for your situation
  • Draft business and user requirements
  • Create a solid information architecture
  • Describe (IAM) business processes
  • Smooth out deadlocked implementation processes
  • Complete full implementations of a-z
  • Gain support for changes/expansion in an existing IAM environment

The SonicBee experts are internationally known as IAM authority. We are passionated about realizing your IAM ambitions. Together we can create smart and secure interoperability.

How we can help you

SonicBee is product- and vendor independent and distinctive by taking the business ambitions and environment as the starting point for every solution.

We help you to create an IAM vision and strategy. Alligned with your organization’s strategy, risk & compliance and security regulations.

We help you to create an optimization plan and roadmap. Draw up the business requirements and a target architecture. And set up a program.

We help you to successfully complete your implementation program. Involve the business and get you back in control.


How user-friendly and secure is digital access arranged at your company?

We like to think along with you.

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