SonicBee is ISO 27001 certified

SonicBee is ISO27001 certified We are proud to announce that today SonicBee received the ISO 27001 certificate from TüV. This means that the information security management system behind [...]

SonicBee is ISO 27001 certified2022-08-08T08:47:00+02:00

Top expert Henk Marsman starts at SonicBee

Top expert Henk Marsman starts at SonicBee! Today top expert Henk Marsman starts as principal business consultant at SonicBee. He is a well-known and recognized specialist in the Netherlands [...]

Top expert Henk Marsman starts at SonicBee2022-07-28T23:45:17+02:00

Five new Nexis 4 Hero’s

Five new NEXIS 4 hero's This month we have five new Nexis 4 hero’s as five SonicBee consultants became NEXIS 4 Expert certified. We are very proud that Susanne, [...]

Five new Nexis 4 Hero’s2022-06-08T11:09:36+02:00

SonicBee celebrates its first anniversary!

SonicBee celebrates first anniversary! As a starting and growing business you are always occupied with the future. You have to set up and plan activities, estimate turnover and cost [...]

SonicBee celebrates its first anniversary!2022-06-08T11:10:42+02:00

SonicBee launches SynerBee

SonicBee launches SynerBee! SynerBee offers an innovative and future-proof solution for the control of information exchange between people, machines and devices. Our services consist of various building blocks that [...]

SonicBee launches SynerBee2022-06-08T11:11:21+02:00

We proudly present our IAM training courses!

We proudly present our IAM training courses! Who can do what and why is that? That is the core question of information security that is central to the field [...]

We proudly present our IAM training courses!2022-06-08T11:11:59+02:00

AMA Session Identity Management Day

AMA Session Identity Management Day 2021 This day marks the first Identity Management Day. And the organization committee, led by the Identity Defined Security Alliance explains the mission of [...]

AMA Session Identity Management Day2022-06-08T11:13:35+02:00

Partner network expanded with IDPro!

Partner network expanded with IDPro! We are very pleased to announce that Sonic Bee has become a member of IDPro. IDPro exists to globally foster ethics and excellence in [...]

Partner network expanded with IDPro!2022-06-08T11:14:16+02:00

Partner network expanded with Nexis!

Partner network expanded! We proudly present you our first official #tech #partnership. We know Nexis GmbH as a unique solution for setting up complex identity governance structures. Although this is still largely underexposed, [...]

Partner network expanded with Nexis!2022-06-08T11:21:43+02:00
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