Combine identity sources and enrich your Identity Control.

A smart way to combine and enrich identity data

HIGA is the an exclusive solution that is ideally suited to prepare a centralized identity role structure database. It enables you to manage identity access control by connecting the data to an IAM software system. For example, HR data from one source can be enriched and delivered together with other HR data sources to an IAM system such as SailPoint, SynerBee or Saviynt thanks to HIGA-aaS.

Combining and expanding identity registrations is not limited to HR registrations. Also identity data of external users like partners and customers, and non-human registrations like IoT devices can easily be enriched. This is fully in line with SonicBee’s vision of smart and secure data access for users to collaborate in digital ecosystems.

SonicBee-AAS solutions

The power of HIGA-aaS

Make a quick combination of various identity sources. In some situations this can be very useful and save you a lot of delay through complex IAM projects.

Think, for instance, of the situation after a merger or acquisition, changing application landscape or a new collaboration between parties in which central access provisioning is desired.

By ensuring a decent temporary solution, you can grow step-by-step to the new situation in a well-considered way.

Make fast and convenient use of additional options for one centralized identity source system by connecting HIGA to your IDM system like Oracle or Forge Rock.

Many IDM systems lack in Identity Governance Administration functionalities. For example they do not offer the possibility of multiple contract registration, where a user has several positions at the same time.

By enriching and integrating data with your existing IDM system, you solve this problem and also increase the value of your current IDM.

If you do not currently have an Identity Management system, you can also consider applying HIGA-aaS in this role. HIGA IDM philosophy is to use modular functions, out of which you can construct a bespoke IDM solution tailored for your needs.

Used in the IDM role, HIGA-aaS combines connectivity capabilities with minimalist IDM design. You do not pay for unnecessary features and functions not suited for your organization!

SonicBee relies on HIGA from Haidion as the missing piece of the puzzle in the field of Identity Control

HIGA-aaS fits in with SonicBee’s portfolio of intelligent and practical solutions to take IAM to the next level. The service was developed by the highly skilled IAM experts from Haidion in Finland, a partner that we have known for a long time and have every confidence in. SonicBee is worldwide the exclusive partner of Haidion that offers HIGA-aaS as a flexible cloud service to customers.

More information about this partnership and solution will follow soon (March 2022).
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