Managed Services

We believe that all companies should be able to use professional solutions for smart and secure access to collaborate digitally!

“A challenging view on digital identities”

We challenge the existing market by looking at identities and data in an innovative way.
In this way, we increase the cyber security of our society and help you create business value.

As A Service

SonicBee delivers scalable IAM and BI managed solutions offered “As A Service.” Our Intelligent Access Platform is the first comprehensive, fully cloud-based portfolio that provides centralized access to systems and data. 

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Safe access to data with the best user experience

Enable (complex) interoperability

Simplify access to users and speed up the process

Increase the level of security and protect it against cybercrime

Save time and costs for managing operations and reduce the risk of errors

The Intelligent Access Platform

“Achieve the optimal balance between workability and outstanding access security of the ICT environment”

We offer a unique protocol driven platform that acts as a director between different data points in an ecosystem. By connecting data points based on a combination of IAM and BI opportunities, we increase organizations security and performance. This is done with a unique combination of modern proven technology and principles like Zero Trust. Fully available as a managed service so that you have it all well organized without worrying about complicated and time-consuming details.

Unique features of the Intelligent Access Platform:

  • 1 central place to manage and govern access
  • Easy to audit, which is key to meet compliancy rules and be protected from cyber threats
  • Optimized authentication and authorization: Policy-based access control saves a lot of time and is less prone to errors
  • Able to deal with very complex policies and procedures, without slowing down or complicating the process for the users

Benefits of the managed services portfolio

Flexible Requires little management effort
Affordable Responds to a growing demand for sufficient IAM
Scalable Is business driven and futureproof
Combinable Makes a lack of IAM knowledge irrelevant


How user-friendly and secure is digital access arranged at your company?

We like to think along with you.

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IAM for the Internet of Things

More and more devices are connected and transmit data and information to improve business processes. In fact, many companies actively use IoT applications. It is striking that businesses have so far been somewhat successful in protecting human identities, the same organizations spend very little on protecting machine identities.

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