Data and access are the future opportunities of any organization

As organizations are getting more data driven, it is important to identify what data can be combined to provide valuable information for employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The next question is which identity (whether it is a person, device or machine) is allowed to access what kind of information in which context?

Our vision

“Our future will completely data driven. In that world, algorithms using multiple data sources will be able to predict behavior in the broadest sense of the word. By connecting data and its users, we will be able to organize and automate the world around us based on our personal preferences.”


How BI and IAM are interwoven for data driven agility

BI and IAM are intertwined. SonicBee invests in bringing these domains together. Organizing digital identities properly is a must for all companies with data-driven ambitions.

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Empower organizations to create Interoperability for smart and secure collaboration


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