Starting a new company during a global crisis

Sometimes you don’t plan to start a new company, but it kind of “happens”. This is basically the story of how Sonic Bee came into existence.

Anne van Naerssen, who holds a Business degree in Business Analytics and was winner of the SMA’s Young Sales Professional of the year 2015: “Already when I worked with Patrick in my former role of CCO we were often discussing how to unleash the power of data for organizations. When I met André and discussed Identity and Access Management I saw that there is already a lot of overlap in IAM and BI. So when the idea popped up to start something together, I was all in!”

“I have been working in the IAM field for quite some time and have always been convinced that in order for IAM to be successful, you need to include the business side of the organization. In Sonic Bee we will keep advising organizations on how to access data and things in a secure and compliant way. And we will also help to accelerate access governance by using both third party- and our own Managed Services. Our company goal is to create business value by building scalable managed solutions that help to connect- and access data in a secure and compliant way with the best user experience.” says André Koot.

According to Patrick van der Valk, a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the field of cyber security, even amidst the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, the timing was right to start a new company. “Sometimes things happen in a very short time. Like the universe is trying to tell you what to do next. While I was discussing with Anne on what kind of solutions we could offer to companies to make them more data driven, André reached out to discuss his future plans. As both Anne and André are exceptional in what they do, I suggested that they should meet. Within a couple of days the idea of setting up a company together was born.”

Sometimes things just fall into place at the right time.

About the author

Patrick van der Valk
Co-founder & CEO

About SonicBee

SonicBee is the Identity and Access management (IAM) company providing innovative and intelligent managed services and business consultancy to make businesses faster, smarter and more secure. We ensure that everything and everyone within your environment can access information in a safe, compliant and smart way.

We challenge the existing market by looking at identities and data in a new way. SonicBee provides intelligent access solutions, advise and implementations, focused on increasing our society’s cyber security and creating business value.